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Welcome to LynnDee's Socialization Training!

LynnDee’s location is convenient for dog owners who frequently commute between Spokane and the West Plains area. Owners can bring their dogs to play together while being supervised by experienced dog handlers.

Play Area

Socialization Training Hours

Mondays-Fridays 7:30am-5:30pm

K9 Socialization Training Prices & Passes
Trial/Assessment - $18.00 for half day trial period
Half Day Visit - $15.00 for up to 4 hours for morning or afternoon seesion (there are no 1/2 passes
Full Day - $20.00

5 Day Training Pass = $90.00 ($18.00 per day) (must be used within 30 days)
10 Day Training Pass = $160.00 ($16.00 per day) (must be used within 60 days)
15 Day Training Pass = $225.00 ($15.00 per day) (must be used within 60 days)
20 Day Training Pass = $280.00 ($14.00 per day) This package is for dogs that come daily each month and includes missed days during that month period.
Additional Dog = 1/2 price of the first dog's pass
Dog with some Reactive Issues in need more 1:1 training = $30.00 per 4 hour session

Passes are non-refundable

**Grooming appointments may be scheduled for the end of your dogs’ day of socialization.

What is K9 Socialization Training?
Our Socialization Training is not doggie daycare. Dog daycare centers usually have between 30-50 dogs a day in their facilities. While at LynnDee's for Socialization Training, your dog will be introduced to dogs one at a time to see how well your dog is socialized and how their manners are. Your dog will be given the tour of our small and large training rooms, the potty area and play yard. Because most people do work, your dog can come for socialization training for a 1/2 day either in the morning or afternoon for a 4 hour training session or a full day. For dogs coming for full days there are passes available. Dogs are allowed to play with compatible dogs that are also here for socialization training plus we work on good manners; no jumping on people, waiting at the door until cued to go out...getting a lot of exercise and playtime! We might have 5-10 other dogs on a specific day for socialization training. If we have a couple of dogs that do not seem to get along, we will split the group into the two training rooms and work on their skills in a smaller skill group.

For more information please download our Socialization Enrollment Packet

“Well-socialized dogs are more secure, confident and self-assured to be in our community”

Who gets to come for socialization training?

  • Dogs that have completed their initial vaccinations and annually
  • Non-aggressive dogs.  We can evaluate your dog to see if it’s appropriate to start the training.  Sometimes dogs just lack the trust and confidence with other dogs.  Start one on one with a compatable dog, then begin to bring more dogs into the group.
  • We are very cautious with intact dogs, but on a limited basis we will schedule them to be with a very select group because they too need socialization.  It’s hard to prepare dogs who are entering the trial or show world if they don’t have social skills.
  • Non-territorial dogs over toys.
  • Healthy dogs.  Dogs with disabilities are able to come too and will be place with safe dogs for socialization.
  • Spayed or neutered dogs. We here to work on socialization skills and good manners not a doggie dating service. Puppies can come for socialization training until they're seven months old without being spayed or neutered but at that time they must be spayed or neutered to continue their training program.
  • Dogs must have current vaccination records and negative fecal results from their veterinarian, then annual provided to be placed in their files. If at any time their fecal is positive, the can not come until the dog has been treated and has a negative fecal result?

Click here for Socialization Enrollment Packet

Door into the main socialization training room

Call us at 509-838-0596 or fill out our online contact form.

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